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Dupuytren's Center Chicago
The Dupuytren's Center Chicago is conveniently located on
the north side of Chicago near the
Lawrence CTA Red Line.
Dupuytren's Center Chicago
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Dupuytren's Center Chicago
4753 N. Broadway, suite 810
Chicago, IL 6

"I just completed my NA with Dr Scott. This was my 2nd NA (the first was
2 years ago) and Dr Scott does a thorough job and explains everything
along the way. NA is the way to go for me and my experiences. The
procedure is quite easy and the results are quick to see. I was eating
dinner with my wife 45 minutes after the procedure and I am typing in this
post about 12 hours later.

....Dr Scott and his assistant were meticulous with their work and were
friendly as well. To me, these are the 2 characteristics I care the most

I would recommend Dr Scott to any patient out there in the Chicago area."

"Hi, my name is Kathy.  I’m 63 and a house wife. I am a patient of Dr.
Matthew Scott. I contracted Dupuytrens Contracture about three years
ago in my right hand. To make a long story short, a hand surgeon
diagnosed the disease. He wanted to schedule me for surgery ASAP.  
My husband started researching Dupuytrens on the internet and found
the NA procedure as an alternative to hand surgery. I was very excited
about the procedure
- less invasive, faster recovery time and a lot less
expensive. The hand surgeon
's initial visit cost me $ 250.00, and his
charge for the surgery was $ 5000.00, not to mention the anesthesiologist
and the hospital bill. And due to the severity of my disease, he couldn’t
even guarantee how much release I would get. My husband contact
ed Dr.
and sent him pictures of my hand via e-mail. A day or two later Dr.
Scott called our home and said I was a candidate for NA. Dr Scott
answered all of our questions about the procedure
and the cost. We
made the appointment for the 20th of Feb. of this year. Dr. Scott
and his
assistant were very friendly
and professional as well. They made me feel
very comfortable
, and they allowed my husband to hold my good hand
during the NA procedure, that was nice as well. The procedure took about
45 minutes, and during that time Dr. Scott made sure I was as
comfortable as possible. I must say it was a very relaxing atmosphere.  It
now has been almost 2 weeks since the NA procedure and I am so
pleased with
the results. I have a little tenderness in my hand,
but the range of motion is great. Dr. Scott was able to achieve
 85% to
90% release in my worst finger,
only due to my rheumatoid arthritis, and  
100% release of my pinky. And all of this for less than $ 1,500.00
. Praise
God!!  Dr. Scott called yesterday checking on my progress, he didn’t just
do the NA
and forget me !!
I highly recommend DR. Scott
and I’m sure you will too."

"I had the procedure done last week by Dr. Scott. He did an excellent job
on the release. I have worked in surgery sales for 25 years and could tell
he knows what he is doing. What a delight to have a Doc in my hometown
of Chicago to do the procedure."

"I had the procedure done by Dr. Scott on 2/20/10 and was extremely
pleased with the results. Currently I have about 75% release. I had
surgery done two years ago and very unhappy with the results...Not to
mention the high cost and a year of rehab. I would highly recommend Dr.
Scott. He is compassionate and thorough in his approach."