Needle aponevrotomy, also known as needle
aponeurotomy and needle fasciotomy, was
developed in Paris, France by Dr. Lermusiaux in
the 1970s.  The French technique involves
perforating and transecting the fibrous bands of
Dupuytren's using a small hypodermic needle.  
Once these cords are weakened, the procedure
is completed by extending the effected digit and
completely severing the Dupuytren's cords.  

NA is a minimally invasive, low cost office
procedure requiring only local anesthesia.  NA
has been used in France for over 30 years and  
is now available to you in the United States.
  • NA is an outpatient office procedure
    requiring less than one hour to complete.

  • NA is a low cost procedure.  It is
    considerably less expensive than surgery.  
    It does not require hospitalization or  
    general anesthesia.

  • NA is very safe.  NA has virtually no
    complications or scarring.

  • NA has a short recovery period.  Most
    activities may be resumed after two days.  
    Extensive physical therapy and
    rehabilitation are not required.

  • NA can be repeated many times if
    necessary with favorable results.  
    Dupuytren's disease is a chronic disease.  
    The disease may reoccur after both NA  
    and surgery.  Treating recurrent disease
    after NA is more favorable than after open
Advantages of Needle Aponevrotomy:
Needle Aponevrotomy (NA)
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